2.55 Reissue Flap Bag Grey Metallic 225


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Condition Details

Merely sign of wear on exterior. The interior is clean with minor sign of wear. Hairline scratches on hardware.

Sell Back Guarantee

Turn in your purchase within 0-12 months for credit worth 50-70% of its purchase price


It features a front flap, a mademoiselle turn-lock closure, a half-moon back pocket and an adjustable chain link shoulder strap. The interior displays leather lining with 4 compartments. The first compartment has a snap closure leading to an open pocket, the second has dual pockets separated by a lipstick compartment, the third is a hidden open pocket behind the second flap and lastly one single zip pocket underneath the first flap.

Material: Leather

Lining: Leather

Hardware: Silver color finish metal

Accessories: None

W 25.0 cm H 16.0 cm D 7.0 cm
Shoulder Strap: 28.0 cm / 52.0 Drop Adjustable

Serial Number: 19631669

Production Year: 2014