Brutal Journey Of The Heart' Square Scarf


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This silk in brand new condition with no sign of wear.

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Inspired by the work of choreographer Sharon Eyal, the white silk scarf is a nod to the costumes Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri created for the ballet 'The Brutal Journey of the Heart'. Cut from soft silk twill and finished with a fringed hem, the scarf spotlights a red heart pierced by arrows at its centre. It can be worn wrapped around the neck or as a decorative accent on a bag. White Brutal Journey of the Heart print ‘Brutal Journey of the Heart Christian Dior' seal ‘Christian Dior' logo at the bottom Finished with frayed edges

Material: 100% Silk

Accessories: Wrapping Paper Bag

W 70.0 cm H 70.0 cm

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