Le Pegase Rodeo Charm Green/Gold/Light Blue

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Condition Details

This bag charm is in fantastic condition with minor sign of wear throughout.

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Fitted with a delightful set of wings, the 2021 “Pegase” edition adds a playful note to your favourite handbag. Adorn your handbag with this cute and adorable Rodeo charm to add a new lease of life. Whether it is a Birkin, Garden Party or Picotin Lock, personalise your bag with an iconic flair. Bags can truly come to life and you can dress them up or primp them to help give your look a personal statement.

Material: Leather

Accessories:Box; Receipt

L 8.0 cm H 7.0 cm
Leather Chain: 18.0 cm Drop

Date Stamp:Z

Bought Year:2021

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