Love 2 Diamonds 18K Yellow Gold Necklace


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Condition Details

This necklace is in fantastic condition with minor sign of wear and scratches throughout.

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Turn in your purchase within 0-12 months for credit worth 70-80% of its purchase price

A look at this Cartier creation and one is sure to be won over. Simple in appeal but overflowing with artistic excellence, this Love necklace is a testament to the wondrous craftsmanship and the painstaking effort that goes into making a Cartier wonder! Crafted from 18K yellow gold, the necklace flaunts the iconic screw motifs, two brilliant-cut diamonds, and double chains with a lobster clasp. Each piece from the LOVE collection by Cartier is a homage to the feeling of love, and we believe this stunning piece deserves your love.

Material: 18k Yellow Gold; Diamond (0.03 carats)

Pendent: 1.3 cm Diameter
Chain: 18.0 cm – 20.0 cm Drop Adjustable

Accessories: Box

Serial Number: AOU524

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