Madras Fiocco Pomice Talco Tri-Folded Wallet


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Condition Details

This wallet shows minor wear throughout. Minor wear on exterior. The interior is clean and in great condition. The hardware is in great condition.

Sell Back Guarantee

Turn in your purchase within 0-12 months for credit worth 50-70% of its purchase price


This is a nice card case wallet with a fine leather texture. Elegant and cute items with bi-coloured color scheme and ribbon motif. The gold logo is accented. It is a size that is easy to carry without being too big like a long wallet. It looks compact but has lots of capacity.

Exterior Material:  Crafted with pomice and talco leather, accented with gold-tone hardware.

Interior Material:   A storage capacity for 8 cards, a coin purse with two sections and four pockets.

Accessories:  None

W 17.0 cm H 10.0 cm D 3.0 cm   

Bought Year: 2014

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