Sylvie small shoulder bag


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Condition Details

Minor scratches on exterior. The textile interior is clean and virtually as-new.  Minor scratches on hardware.

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Turn in your purchase within 0-12 months for credit worth 50-70% of its purchase price


A small leather structured shoulder bag with two interchangeable straps, one in leather the other in Sylvie Web ribbon. The metal buckle closure was taken from the House’s archives, and is mixed playfully with the Web stripe. Made in our smooth, classic leather.

Exterior Material:   Off-white leather exterior with metal buckle closure at front face.

Interior Material:   Suede Leather interior, one interior open and smartphone pockets.

Accessories: Dust Bag; Receipt

Measurements: W 25.5 cm H 17.0 cm D 8.0 cm

Bought Date: 2017

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