How to Authenticate Your Chanel Handbags

How to Authenticate Your Chanel Handbags

With the increasing quality and attention to detail of the counterfeit, black market handbag industry, it has become more critical than ever to learn how to identify small differences and determine whether or not a Chanel bag you’re considering purchasing is real or not.

Especially for pre-owned or vintage Chanel, they have been used and kept so long that it becomes very hard to recognise them via the smell, texture, weight, flexibility.

We have prepared a list of signs that you can used tp check before getting yourself a Chanel handbag in a store other than a Chanel boutique even we always recommend that you should get your bag professionally authenticated, or purchase from a reputable reseller with an authenticity guarantee.

1. Date Codes:

All Chanel bags after 1984 will comes with a sticker containing their unique serial number as well as a corresponding authenticity card, which usually can be found inside the bag.

Gold speckles should be scattered over the number. The gold speckles shouldn’t be too big,too evenly or too concentrated.

Also, there should be a red line(UV line) under the Ultraviolet Lamp

See our Chanel Date Code Guide for more details and to find the year of your coveted preloved Chanel.

2. Logo Stamp

The brand stamp is another way to confirm the authenticity of a Chanel bag.

All characteristic has their own shape. As from above pictures, there are few points needed to be remember:
- They all must have the same size.
- The "C" should in round shape. The open degree of "C" is 30 degree.
- The upper part of "H" is shorter than the bottom part.
- The upper corner of "N" is longer than the bottom corner.
- The lower stripe of "E" shoulder be slightly longer than the upper stripe. The middle stripe should be shortest.

3. Authentic Card

Authentic card is one of the most important way to spot fake Chanel.The “card system” was introduced the same time as the serial sticker in 1984. The number on the authentic card mush match the serial number inside the bag.

A real authentic card shoulder never has a hologram, rainbow effect. A card has the rainbow effect is definitely a fake card.

Bags from 2005 and onwards feature a grey circular symbol at top right. The circular shouldn't be too white, too grey - slightly grey.

4. Screws

The easiest way to spot a low quality counterfeit is the type of screws used on the back of the turn lock.

A real Boy Bag will never use a Phillips head screw (like on this fake.) Chanel typical uses Allen screws (like this real Boy bag) or flathead screws.

5. Hardwares.

CC Logo

One of the most famous and recognizable features on Chanel bags is the CC lock. Chanel used 24k gold plating on their hardware up until 2008. Hardware on a real Chanel bag will feel heavier and more substantial than on a fake.

The right C should overlap on top, and the left C should overlap on the bottom. Also, the CC lock is centered both vertically and horizontally on its leather flap. Another point is Chanel CC locks usually have a rounded finish on the CC. Authentic Chanel CC locks have a flat edge finish.


Chanel uses several different brands for their zippers whose names will be marked on the zipper pull, the most notable types are Lampo, the DMC, the YKK, the eclair zipper, the triple 'C' in a circle and an unmarked zipper for very vintage Chanel bags.


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