Saddle Flap Card Holder Oblique


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Condition Details

Minor sign of wear and tears on exterior. The interior is clean with minor sign of wear. Sign of wear and scratches on hardware.

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Turn in your purchase within 0-12 months for credit worth 50-70% of its purchase price


The Saddle flap card holder is a compact and practical alternative to the traditional wallet. The design is crafted in gray Dior Oblique jacquard and can hold all the daily essentials. The small and easy-to-use companion may be paired with the entire Saddle line.

Material: Canvas

Lining: Leather

Hardware: Gold color finish metal

Accessories: None

Measurement: W 10.5 cm H 7.5 cm D 2.0 cm

Serial Number: 42-MA-0241

Production Year: 2021