Vernis Sunset Boulevard Amarante


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Condition Details

The exterior is in fantastic condition with minor wear. The interior is clean with no visible stains. The hardware is in excellent condition with minor scratches.

Sell Back Guarantee

Turn in your purchase within 0-12 months for credit worth 50-70% of its purchase price


The bag features a front facing flap with a Louis Vuitton polished gold plate and a leather shoulder strap. This petite wallet opens to a matte leather interior with a card slot panel and zipper compartment, ideal for the perfect occasion

Exterior Material:   Vernis Patent leather exterior with leather shoulder strap.

Interior Material:   Matte leather and fabric interior with a card slot panel and zipper compartment.

Accessories:  Dust Bag

W 24.0 cm H 12.0 cm D 3.5 cm  
Shoulder Strap: 60.0 cm Drop Detachable

Bought Year: 2008

Serial Number: TH4098

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